How to Restore a Dresser by Yourself

Restoration of the old dresser is a painstaking business, but you can do it yourself. Many houses have old furniture; it is pleasantly and comfortably arranged in family nest. For this, people came up with a restoration of old things so that they could take on a new look and make them happy for a few more years.

When starting to work, inspect the location of your furniture, what colors should be chosen. You can learn more about paint dresser to make the right decision. In general, only creative people can cope with such work, as it is necessary to choose the right tones, shapes, etc. But if you consider work more responsibly, then, perhaps, without a special talent, you can transform your old dresser, which served you for many years.

Styles of furniture restoration

  1. Art Deco

Interesting and very expensive materials that will last for many years are often used. A distinctive feature of this style is various geometric patterns. Use bright colors, which at the end of the work are diluted with lighter and softer tones.

  1. Decoupage

This style is used mainly only on wooden surfaces. It is a glueing of carved figures and patterns, which may be painted. A common and original way in this style is using napkins with patterns and fastening them with acrylic lacquer in several layers.

  1. Coating with conventional self-adhesive film

The name speaks for itself. Stencils are often used. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to restore old wooden surfaces.

  1. Craquelure

This interesting way, on the contrary, emphasizes the old times of your furniture by creating cracks on the surface. The main thing here is the creation of deeper and wider cracks; for this, it is necessary to apply thicker layers.


  • Brushes;
  • Pieces of cloth;
  • Container for dilution.


  • Acrylic paint;
  • Crackle lacquer;
  • Matt acrylic.

Step-by-step instruction for restoration

The following instruction is good both for indoors and outdoors furniture; however, if the latter is severely damaged, you might want to find outdoor furniture, for restoration is not all too powerful. The surface of the dresser is cleaned from the old coating with sandpaper. After that, it is covered with acrylic paint; the color should suit your interior. If you wish to preserve the color of the cabinet, apply a transparent layer of paint.

After drying, varnish coating is applied. The thicker the layer you put on the surface of the old cabinet, the wider and brighter the cracks. After applying the second layer, the surface must be thoroughly dried.

When applying the second coat of paint, you need to act very quickly and keep the brush in one direction. If you decide to create a Venetian layer of plaster, then paint should be applied with pieces of cloth or sponge.

After the complete drying of the paint, the final layer of varnish is applied, it can already be opaque.

The decor of the dresser can be fixed with patterns or covered with various fragments from old albums and books. Only your imagination and interior will help here. Do not hesitate in your efforts, boldly get down to work and you definitely will be satisfied with the result!